Application of Thain Morgath

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Application of Thain Morgath

Post  Guest on Thu Jul 23, 2009 4:03 am

How old are you ?
I'm 18 turning 19 in 2 weeks Very Happy

Where are you from ?

Why would you want to join Unending ?
It seems like a nice friendly clan and i read you dont like griefers so that put a smile on my face as i hate them too

Do you have ventrilo ? (required)
Do you have a microphone ? (optional)

Do you know good enough english to socialize with it? (This is a requirement)
I'm English so i hope so Smile

Any special interests ? (optional)
Reading, music, art Smile

How are you as a person ?
I'm quite a lively person i do tend to talk to much but if people just tell me to shut my gob i will realise i was talking too much Smile o and I'm possible the
worst speller and the clumsiest person to have ever existed.

Do you like teamwork towards bigger goals ?
Yes I like working together thats why i hate WOW and other such MMO's were you just run in by your self no need for group team efforts

Do you prefer crafting, PvE or PvP the most ?
I prefer PVP but on large scale

Are you a newbee or a pro.. Casual or hardcore ? (We want to know for our own reasons, as it's alot easier to help when you know who needs it^^)
I'm new to the game but ive played enough games to be able to get good fast ( i hope Smile )

Thanks for reading all my most likely horrible misspelled words


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Post  Mylgail on Thu Jul 23, 2009 4:10 am

Welcome to the family lad, hope you'll enjoy your stay with us Smile


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Re: Application of Thain Morgath

Post  Mia on Thu Jul 23, 2009 5:28 am



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Re: Application of Thain Morgath

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