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Post  Incarnag on Sun Aug 02, 2009 9:41 am

How old are you ?

Where are you from ?
Cheltenham, England

Why would you want to join Unending ?
Got fed up with being in established clans that did nothing but bloodwall all day. I would like to be part of a clan that is still finding its feet and help grow it into a respected and feared group.

Do you have ventrilo ? (required)

Do you have a microphone ? (optional)

Do you know good enough English to socialize with it? (This is a requirement)

Any special interests ? (optional)
Not really im concentrating in PVE at the moment as the PVP has kind of dried up recently.

How are you as a person ?
Not bad. Good sense of humor, big heavy metal fan, massive drinker a bit excitable but i wouldn't say irritatingly so.

Do you like teamwork towards bigger goals ?
Yeah thats one of the features i love about this game. You cant really get that far unless you work as a team.

Do you prefer crafting, PvE or PvP the most ?
As it stands PVE. Once AV get off their ass and start making PVP a bit better then it will switch.

Can you understand simple orders from commanders ? (We're a very strict clan when it comes to taking orders seriously)
As long as orders are given in a serious fashion and i dont have two SG'S arguing about whats going on then yes. I have been given orders before that were rescinded and repeated during pvp which led to me losing a squad of people because they couldn't make their mind up .

Are you a newbee or a pro.. Casual or hardcore ?
Wouldn't say pro. I don't think anyone can say pro really there is always something to learn. Time wise i have been in game since about 2 weeks after release and tested beta so defiantly not newb.

Would also like to add:

I am moving house next week so i don't have access to speakers or mic just yet. Obviously next week i shall.

Thanks for reading guys.


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Post  Kinsin Strickrow on Sun Aug 02, 2009 9:52 am

Even though we met in a rather unpleasant way i say you're welcome

Kinsin Strickrow

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Application Empty Accepted

Post  Mylgail on Sun Aug 02, 2009 10:00 am

Alright, welcome to the clan mate. Please make and ingame application by rightclicking, then hit clans,
then menu and browse clans. search for unending and then hit menu again and apply ! Smile


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