Application for Septic Tank

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Application for Septic Tank Empty Application for Septic Tank

Post  Septic on Sun Jul 26, 2009 5:36 am

Ingame Name: Borg Hammer

How old are you ? 36

Where are you from ? Sweden, Stockholm

Why would you want to join Unending ? I heard that my good friend Borg applied to Unending.... though thats beside the point. Ill could live without that skank. Very Happy Laughter aside the description he gave was most fullfilling. You accept new arrivals, casual play and you distaste griffers.

Do you have ventrilo ? (required) Yes.

Do you have a microphone ? (optional) Yes.

Do you know good enough english to socialize with it? (This is a requirement) Yes.

Any special interests ? (optional) Whiskey.

How are you as a person ? Happy, relaxed, hard working.

Do you like teamwork towards bigger goals ? Indeed... hard to accomplish anything by your own.

Do you prefer crafting, PvE or PvP the most ? Im not the crafting kind of person, but in this game i will have it a serious go. PvE/PvP doesnt matter as long as your havin' fun.

Can you understand simple orders from commanders ? Yes.

Are you a newbee or a pro.. Casual or hardcore ? (We want to know for our own reasons, as it's a lot easier to help when you know who needs it^^)

To this game ill must say newbee and casual.


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Application for Septic Tank Empty Re: Application for Septic Tank

Post  Conall on Sun Jul 26, 2009 6:48 am

Sounds great Smile Go apply ingame and I'll take care of ya Wink


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